More about Stormtech

Our focus is on building applications that work.  We like to produce software that fits in with the business, gets up and running quickly, and can be adapted as the need arises.

In line with the open source software approach, we do not charge for ownership, nor are there licencing fees. You only pay for our work to develop, install, customise and configure software to do what is needed. You may use it for as long as you like for as many users as you like on as many pc's as you like without paying more.

Stormtech will get to understand what you want without the technospeak. We will get something going that will start doing a worthwhile job for you quickly.  And then we will keep improving it to do a better job.

Stormtech is based in Cape Town, South Africa and serves the local business community, private individuals and clients all over the world.

Typical applications use PHP and MySQL as basis and we prefer to host on Linux hosts running the Apache web server. This is a very popular configuration for websites: by taking this route we stay mainstream which also benefits the client. But we can meet other specifications too, if that is what the client wants.

Stormtech consists of Dr Timo Kriel (Ph D) plus a number of independent, hand-picked collaborators.

We can make simple websites and complex business web applications.