Your website or business application will be built to your specifications.   A quote will be drawn up covering the items that make up the application.

The following are guidelines

Five page brochure (static) website
R650 for home page,
plus R350 per page for 4 additional pages
Total: R2,050

Add content management to a site
R1000 for the database and other infrastructure
plus R400 per basic function

Examples of basic functions :

• Email form rather than simple mailto link,
• Calendar,
• Make content on Home Page or About Us page editable

Build a website to your exact requirements
R1200 for the basic installation
plus R400 per basic function that has to be developed

Examples of basic functions :

• Contact submission form

R1500 per function that needs more time to be customised
Examples of such functions :

• Member login and registration
• Install a payment gateway for credit cards,
• Listings of stock, eg real estate, DVD's, accommodation
Develop web application
Approximate pricing used when drawing up a quotation:

Application Design: R400 per hour
Page development (html): R250 per hour
Database development: R350 per hour