Do your transactions online, on your own website

Throw away your offline tools

Let your customers participate in real time in your business.

Examples: Online booking, accounting and bookkeeping, real-time news, order tracking, catalogs, menu's, product ideas, schedules, instruction manuals and many more.

Your website can become the main workflow tool of your business. Your customers can do a lot of the business administration online: looking for products, finding venues, narrowing down choices, describing requirements, viewing your standard documentation.

They get immediate response. And since everything is already captured, and it saves you from transferring their requirements onto some admin or record keeping system.

Sandcaste Bookings for examples.
Note: with online business tools such as these above you naturally can only see the tip of the iceberg as a member of the public. Once you have your own site, you logon as administrator and gain access to the business end of the web application.