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Our focus is on functionality : Stormtech uses robust software components to build applications that really work. 

We use open source software. Software products of the highest quality can be had for free.   For example, for the desktop you can have a fully fledged office suite (word processor, spreadsheet, database, presentation manager and more) for free, whether you run it on a proprietary operating system or a free one.  And these products are as good if not better than commercial ones.  

In the same way there are excellent packages for websites available free of charge.   These packages can often serve as a good starting point for a new website.

You will have to pay for installation, customisation and configuration whether you start with a packaged website or have your own developed. Software mostly has to be configured to work for a specific situation. By starting with open source software, you are off to a good start before you need to spend money on customisation.

Stormtech will help you select what you need and set it up to work.

Stormtech will get to understand what you want without the technospeak. We will get something going that will start doing a worthwhile job for you.  And then we will keep improving it to do a better job.

Stormtech consists of Dr Timo Kriel (Ph D) plus a number of independent, hand-picked collaborators. We can make simple websites and complex web applications.
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